More foreigners visited the Czech Republic last year

Last year about 5 percent more of foreign tourist visited the Czech Republic than in 2011. Among them were many Russians, Germans and very important group is becoming Chinese tourists.

"The hotels outside Prague registered  increase in numbers of foreigners about 5 percent, occupancy there is still above 50 percent. In Prague the hotels we had about 1 percent less foreign guests," said CEO of EuroAgentur Hotels & Travel Josef Bára for TV Barrandov. In EA Hotels, which is operated by EuroAgentur Hotels & Travel, recorded increased numbers of Americans, Spanish and tourists from Scandinavia. "Chinese tourists are very specific. They travel in large groups, the community way and the best for them would be a hotel owned by a Chinese company and with Chinese backgrounds," adds Josef Bára. In the Czech Republic on the whole, the biggest increase in foreign visitors is from China, South America, Ukraine and Russia. Prague hotels | Carlsbad hotels | Bratislava hotels and other czech hotels

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