The Chess train 2012

Date: 16. 10. 2012
After the success of the last year's Chess train, the Czech Railways in collaboration with the Prague Chess Society players decided to launch the train Chess tour of Prague - Dresden - Wroclaw - Piestany - Vienna – Prague again this year. The thirteen round chess tournament brought together 46 chess players from ten different countries. The most represented was Czech team of the PORG school represented among other also by the Vaclav Klaus jr. or the EuroAgentur´s CEO Josef Bára.

By the chess boards on the rails have been seated chess players from different and often very distant countries - eg from the USA or Scandinavia. Just because of the Chess train competition event arrived from China Yijan Ligun Yang who only seven years of age from the city of Shenzen represented the youngest participant in this year's tournament. This very talented boy is playing the chess since he was four years old. He comes from a family of chess players, but playing just with his parents is not enough for him anymore. Among the greatest achievements the second grade primary school student is the first place on the Chess tournament in Hong Kong. But the Chess is not the only interest of this promising young boy, he loves fencing as well. On the contrary, the oldest player on the tournament was a German Christoph Kohlschmidt (born 1935), who is in his "civilian" profession the university professor of Latin and English.

At the Slovakian spa town Piestany, the Prague Chess Society organized a charity of the Grandmaster John Plachetka to help a three year old local girl Lea Jesenská affected by cerebral palsy. The collected charity amount for the sick girl's parents reached 565 EUR.

In Vienna, the international Chess train Champion Stefan Löfler organized for all the Chess train participants a tour of the old chess cafes and other places that recall Wilhelm Steinitz, Emanuel Lasker and other famous chess players from the end of the twentieth century.

This year's Chess train tournament champion became with a fabulous result of 13 points from 13 games the grandmaster Peter Martin. The second silver place won with 10.5 points Jan Dietrich Wendt and with 9.5 points took the third bronze place Ján Plachetka.

Lastly we will be hoping that the Chess train will depart also in the next year! Prague hotels | Carlsbad hotels | Bratislava hotels and other czech hotels

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