Holidays in Prague

Date: 4.8.2011

Capitol city of Prague prepares for its visitors, especially during summer holidays, many suprises in the form of cultural experiences.

Enticing events are organized for foreign visitors as well as domestic visitors and Prague residents. Prague is attractive for kids too. In one day kids can visit many interesting and various events, programmes, exhibitions and places dedicated to kids entertainment.

Accommodation in Prague is currently evaluated from worldwide travel business as one of the most advantageous places for spending free time. Prague is considered with its price relation for accommodation services as one of the most advantageuos in comparison of relation of price and quality among european cities.

Prague is renowned as one the cleanest cities not only from the point of view of abiding by hygienic rules , but also from the safety point of view and affability of local residents towards foreign visitors.

Company EuroAgentur Hotels&Travel, a.s. runs in its portfolio of Prague hotels many 3* and 4* properties.

Hotels in Prague are located in the very city centre as well as some are located in quiet residential areas with good transport connections to the sights and ongoing events.

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