Nomination of the hotel company director

Date: 27.4.2011

At the end of April, the biggest hotel company in the Czech Republic EuroAgentur Hotels&Travel has nominated Mrs. Denisa Pitáková-Kalábová for new managerial position - the hotel company director.

At the same time Mrs. Denisa Pitáková-Kalábová has been nominated the member of the Board of Management.

This position responds to the trend of the company to increase the level of provided services to our clients, closer cooperation of the central office with the management of the hotels and last but not least to supervision and operating hotel facilities.

During its existence the hotel company has added many various facilities to its portfolio, ranging from facilities offering specific services in tourist trade, spa facilities to congress and tourist hotels.

This newly nominated position will contribute to increasing the quality of provided services and building closer cooperation with operating and planning new hotel facilities of EuroAgentur Hotels&Travel.

Mrs. Denisa Pitáková-Kalábová works for the hotel company more than one year; till this time she has been employed as a Director of EuroAgentur Hotel Atrium **** in Otrokovice where she has done her best to introduce this new hotel to the market.

Mrs. Denisa Pitáková-Kalábová has been gaining her managerial experience since 2002 when she had been working as a director of hotels in Brno, Carlsbad and Otrokovice. 

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